Bobby The Clown Bot Custom Dunny from FER MG!

FER MG, Custom Dunny, SpankyStokes, Spain, Bobby The Clown Bot Custom Dunny from FER MG
FER MG just sent over info about his latest Kidrobot custom, a new version of the 8" Dunny "Robby the Clown-Bot" he created for the last 5-Points Fest DTA Dunny Show 2019. This is the story of the great Robby: “Robby was a funny clown who suffered a terrible assault by criminals, he was brutally flayed and half of his body had to be replaced by cybernetics. Now Robbie is a happy super clown robot who entertains kids by day and fights crime by night, with his leds eyes and robotic strength fights against the worst criminals while mocks them and takes them to the jail” Now just one year later after the DTA Dunny Show 2019, Fer customized a 5" Dunny version to celebrate it. He is Bobby, the son of Robby, and he wants to be a super clown robot with led eyes like his dad. He is a one of a kind piece, signed and numbered 1/1 on his feet, sizes a bit more of 6 inches and got on/off led eyes. This is going to release this week... and all people interested in him can send an Instagram message, Facebook Message or email to fer.mg.studio@gmail.com for know more details and price