Bullet & Bullion edition WNDGO Dunnys announced from Scott Tolleson!!!

 photo Bullet-and-Bullion-edition-WNDGO-Dunnys-announced-from-Scott-Tolleson.jpg
Add some class to your collection with these 'Bullet' and 'Bullion' WNDGO Dunnys from artist Scott Tolleson. Featuring a high gloss finish, these resin figures are expertly crafted with BULLET rocking a black base with a chrome mask and BULLION donning a white base with a gold mask - sooooo cool! Available HERE this coming Friday, May 15th at 10am PST, both colorways are limited to just 15 pieces each... so yeah, gonna go fast! These WNDGOs stand at 5” tall and will retail for $300 a pop... don't miss out!
 photo Bullet-and-Bullion-WNDGO-Dunnys-announced-from-Scott-Tolleson.jpg