"The Force Abides" by Lazarus Toys!

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"I am one with the Dude, the Dude is with me" • The newest creation from Lazarus Toys, "The Force Abides: Duder-Wan Bluntobi". He's mastered bowling, making white russians and now he's mastered the Force. Hand made 3.75" scale figure limited to only 50 numbered pieces. Comes with a "Caucasian" drink accessory. Featuring head/accessory sculpt by DoubleG Toys, original artwork by Lucas Musgrave, concept/kitbash/painting by Irishmofo (Lazarus), casting by DLL Customs, cardback printing by Chimera Studios, and graphic layout by John Simon. These are just $70 and are available HERE right now - oh, and they have rad shirts as well!