Mighty Jaxx presents: POPek (Galaxy Edition) by Whatshisname!!!

Whatshisname, Mighty Jaxx, SpankyStokes, Dog, Limited Edition, Vinyl Toys, Artist, Designer, Mighty Jaxx presents: POPek (Galaxy Edition) by Whatshisname
Rumor has it that light years away Earth, lives a mysterious extraterrestrial dog that floats between galaxies, leaving behind his shimmery poop for all to admire. That's right! You had wished upon a falling star for this day, to see the wonderful POPek again, and this time, your all-time-favorite balloon dog by Whatshisname will be taking his business to away from planet Earth! New from Mighty Jaxx, featuring hues of metallic purple, green and gold quietly collide like a cosmic explosion. Speckles of silver stars are strewn across POPek's body and poop, mimicking the gathering of stars in the night sky – each piece is hand-sprayed and unique! Sitting 8" tall and limited to 200 pieces, this will be up for grabs HERE this Saturday, March 30th at 6am PST for $149 a pop! See you in outer space with POPek (Galaxy Edition)!