A New King is Here: Koala Rudolf by Cacooca!

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Part of the “bad friend” series, this cute and furry creature steps in to join his well-known Panda friend. This itty-bitty eyed Koala sporting a wicked crown stands at about 13cm (~5 inches) and it's made out of vinyl. The artist, Cacooca, mentioned Koala Rudolf is so far an only character that's part of the “bad friend” series but that future designs are not out of the question. So for now, let's enjoy Koala in his majestic stance! You can now order one via email at cacooca@hotmail.com for the price of $95usd which includes shipping and Paypal fees. In the email, you will need to include your delivery address along with your phone number. If you're in China you will need to buy from their Taobao store Here.