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Shogun Rebels - REAPER edition from 2PetalRose!!!

Shogun Rebels - REAPER edition from 2PetalRose
Liam over at 2PetalRose just announced that he finally finished up the Shogun Rebels - Reaper Edition... and hot damn does it look amazing!!! Limited to just 5 pieces and available HERE this Friday the 16th of November at 9am PST for £350($455) a pop! These beauties feature a ball jointed head, removable helmet, katana and strap along with a custom made bandana and waist wrap, not to mention a scroll (which has bushido code written inside), a wooden plinth base custom made and suede printed sashimono (flag). The full piece is around 11" tall and is 100% bad ass! Don't sleep on this release!!!