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Mechtorians mini figure series 2 from Doktor A. and Kidrobot!!!

Mechtorians mini figure series 2 from Doktor A. and Kidrobot
What's this... Entertainment Earth has just posted up for pre-order Doktor A.'s latest and greatest mini figure series... the continuation of his Mechtorian Mini's - Mechtorians mini figure series 2, and this go around, Kidrobot is producing them rather then Mindstyle (OG post HERE) - 10 years later and looking cool as ever, this new mini-figure series features a whole new cast of characters, these are set to retail for $15 a blind box and are slated to ship in December - much excite!  "As the story goes...The year was 1871, Professor Whistlecraft sends a small robotic population to another planet to be able to head off any alien invasion that might attempt to ruin our world. After a long period of time and no alien invasion, the robots were abandoned by their creator and established their own world… a mighty, tiny world with two tea times! Welcome to Mechtoria! Kidrobot pulls back the curtain to these long forgotten characters, so follow them down the darkened cobbled streets and meet the artistic cast of Doktor A's almost unimaginable world with gamblers, musicians, and entertainers: The Mechtorians."