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Buff Monster announces... Melty Misfits from the Archive!!!

Buff Monster, SpankyStokes, Melty, Trading Cards, Limited Edition, Buff Monster announces... Melty Misfits from the Archive
From the depths of the archive! Buff Monster has been spending a lot of time going through the archives and has found some great items. Having done 6 series over the course of 6 years, there are a lot of things to track down. He'll have a few other items available at a later date, but has put together a really nice selection of things to help you complete your collections! Also, he’ll be shipping some random free goodies with every order. Sweet! Buff doesn't have a full selection of every item from every series, but he'll have a variety of loose packs, full sets, full boxes, empty boxes and other goodies from Series 1, Series 2, The Japanese set and the Metal Misfits. Get yours HERE on Friday, November 16th at 7am PST!