Nekosatsu Toys UZAY twopack resin bootlegs!!!

Nekosatsu Toys UZAY twopack resin bootlegs
Nekosatsu Toys just sent word of a recent small 15 piece run of these bootleg resin twopacks.... the UZAY set! 10 sets in red and black, and 3 cast in reverse colors as a chase variant. Each figure stands 3.75” tall, and is cast in opaque red and black. They each have 3 points of articulation, and come on a 6”x9” vintage style card back. The blister packs are resealable with velcro, so the figures can be removed and resealed. The figures are meant to resemble the many foreign star wars bootlegs of the 80's that have become highly sought after grail items to many collectors. This is supposed to capture the feeling of such vintage figures, as some sort of undiscovered collecting hidden gem, broken english and all! Snag them up HERE right now for just $45 a pop!