Ahead of schedule... new HALLOWEEN plush from Nerfect!!!

Nerfect halloween plush toys
Mr. Walters of Nerfect Artistic Novelties has just sent word of some rad new plush... and seeing as it’s getting to be the best time of year, what better what to celebrate Halloween! Getting in on the spooky fun, he has crafted a collection of new, creepy and cute plush... and part of these new releases is a trio of 9” tall monster plush featuring my characters: Casual Werewolf, Dorkula and Mummy Nerd. Each comes in special collector packaging and costs $28 without shipping.

Nerfect halloween plush toys
Oh... but there is more, there is also a fantastic Geisterhaus for all the haunted house and ghost lovers out there. The Geisterhaus plush is 10” and is $32 without shipping. Awesome products for really killer prices. Head on over to the Nerfect online store HERE right now!