Rampage Toys × Splurrt × Cop A Squat's "Space Mice" Debut Today!

Appearing like some bright and brilliant characters from a fictional Saturday morning cartoon, the above-pictured "Space Mice" are a series of figures formed by affixing a Splurrt × Rampage Toys produced "Lab Mouse" head atop a Cop A Squat Toys designed body, the two perfectly melding together with the help of Jon M. (Rampage Toys)'s hand-painted touches. Each accompanied by a "familiar drone-bot", made from the Cop A Squat figure's head attached to a Rampage mini tank base, these fantastically retro-fresh pieces are packaged in a plastic "teleportation" tube with a smattering of buttons, stickers, and other goodies. Alongside the debut of these beautiful mash-up works, Rampage Toys will also be issuing the below-pictured Green Bear Battle Sets as well as the GID micro sets, which feature the new micro Ugly Unicorn and Grumble Toy collab micros. All available today (August 23rd, 2018) at 9am Pacific time in the Rampage Toys's online shop, we hope this isn't the last we see of the "Space Mice" — though it very well could be the only chance to snag one of these wonderful works.