Mighty Jaxx presents: DogBird SERIES 2 by Third Stage!!!

Korean design studio Third Stage, known for producing quirky characters, has definitely stepped out of the box with their latest creation. Initially released in Korea last year, these well-loved hybrid animals have finally landed at Mighty Jaxx... and this weekend - Saturday, August 4th at 7am PST is the release of this epicly cute mini-figure series!

The name Dogbird is actually a wordplay based on a Korean swear word! Individually, the character 개 and 새 translates to dog and bird respectively. If you know your Korean, you will already know what the characters 개새 (pronounced gae-sae) mean... here’s a clue — SOB. In this 2nd series of Dogbird by Third Stage, we welcome new members: Shiba-Bird, Terrier-Bird, Dach-Bird, Sheep-Bird, Frise-Bird, and Bull-Bird! Let them be your companions today! These 3" vinyl collectibles will be sold as a full set of 6 figures and will retail for $89 (free shipping worldwide)... don't miss out!

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