Han Ning's Adorable "Space Dog - Super Dimension Portraits" from Beijing Toy Show!

To celebrate his attendance to the upcoming 2018 Beijing Toy Show, Chinese artist Han Ning has brought the canine companion from his "Space Boy" sets back down to Earth… Yes, it's the return of the absolutely adorable "Space Dog"! And having travelled to the farthest reaches of the universe, they've gained a cartoonish alien-ness to them, soft pastel colors with hard geometry affixed to their clear dome helmets. Handmade in complimentary colorations, Ning created only 30 of these hand-painted sets and he wanted to offer them to his international collectors prior to September's convention. Titled the "Super Dimension Portraits" set, those interested in reserving copies of these absolutely adorable and 'far out' works, please send an email to hanning0564 [at] sina [dot] com with your shipping information and other pertinent details, the associated PayPal payment of $244 per set being sent to liyan0564_rao [at] sina [dot] com.