Tomodachi Island announces her BLOOM custom 3.5" Omen Mini Series!!!

It's time for Emelie Jensen aka Tomodachi Island's very first Custom Omen Mini Series (a follow up to her series released HERE)... and you can find all the juicy release details in this post! Emelie mentions that she had so much fun getting back in to molding and casting as she spent allot of time during her holiday mastering the craft... and up for pre-order starting today will be 4 variants/colorways of these amazing 3.5" tall Omen's!

Have your pick at: Blossom, Winter Flower, Autumn Flower, and Spring Flower! There are 3 of each colorway available and each feature a wonderful floral pattern along with subtle sprays of each seasons tones - really amazing work! Releasing HERE at 1pm PST for £160($209) a pop... don't miss out! More info about the series can be found HERE!

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