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Tarbus the Tardigrade... vinyl figure made in VR!!!

Chicago Toy Company, DoomCo Designs, breaks barriers in VR design with the world’s first product designed entirely in virtual reality as they have recently unveiled Tarbus the Tardigrade, their first art toy designed entirely in virtual reality and produced in soft vinyl. Not only is Tarbus the first toy to be created through these means, but it is the first product of any kind created in a virtual reality space to be mass-manufactured in the physical commercial world.

People have been talking for years about the potential of integrating VR into larger aspects of life,” says Kent Fremon, DoomCo co-founder and head designer. “The future is here, and its name is Tarbus the Tardigrade!” Teaming up with Squibbles Ink, Tarbus the Tardigrade or Tardigrades (a.k.a. water bears) are microscopic creatures known to be among the most resilient animals on planet Earth. Tarbus the Tardigrade stands 3.25" tall and is made of durable vinyl. Tarbus arrives glossy, unpainted, and ready for customization in five zesty shades: Red, Yellow, Green, Lilac, and Flesh... and are available HERE now for just $18 a pop. Also up for grabs XXXL Tarbus the Tardigrade that stand a whopping 10" tall and are cast in solid resin (picture above in those flashy metallic finishes)!

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