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Pop Life x SFBI Originals x Mindstyle - A cornucopia of exclusives for SDCC!

A little mishmash of everything this year from the folks over at Pop Life as they have some new releases ready to roll for SDCC this year via their booth #4845... so let's get into it.
SFBI ORIGINALS BOX - Inspired By Vintage Japanese Sofubi Toys. A value of over US $200, a special SDCC price of $100... included is a Ron English's Astro Boy Grin, BlackSeed Toys Soda Kat, Popaganda McSupersize Mini Figure, Popaganda Collectible Coin, Popaganda x PinArts. Limited to 300 Boxes ,One Per Person, while supplies last!

A bunch of stuff from Ron English this year... all featuring his iconic GRIN incorporated into pop-culture icons. Popaganda Mad Glad Boy is $100 a pop, Punk Skunk METALLIC PURPLE edition is $125 a pop, Lucky Grin Cat in the RED edition is $75 a pop, Looney Tunes Speedy Gonzales GRIN is $75 a pop, Looney Tunes Yosemite Sam GRIN is $75 a pop... all can be found at booth #4845 during the convention!

Lastly, the super weird RECHILD BY Zeen Chin and MINDstyle... a true homage to Human Centipede, and truly odd, hahaha! This is highly collectible and very limited and will be up for grabs for $200 a pop via booth #4845!

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