DKE Toys Limited Edition Space Rat Action Figure Art Series Premieres at SDCC 2018!!!

It took DKE Toys a long time to figure out what to do with a galactic sized pile of vintage Kenner Salacious Crumb action figures from the original toy line... but in the end, their genius minds prevailed and behold, the limited edition Space Rat Action Figure Art Series set to release at SDCC 2018 which runs July 18-22. Find DKE Toys in the corner booth #5045.

DKE Toys invited 11 artists to lend their skills, the participating SPACE RAT Artists are: Scott C, Christian Clayton, Rob Clayton, Robbie Conal, Mike Egan, Alex Gross, Peter Kuper, Carlos Ramirez, Martha Rich, Mark Todd, and Esther Pearl Watson • all these fine folks were asked to interpret our favorite Space Rat. Each artist created an original painting of the character for the packaging. Affixed to each card back is an authentic Kenner Salacious Crumb action figure from 1983. Each card back is signed and numbered by the participating artist out of 100. All 11 package styles will premiere at SDCC for $25 each. Or, deal alert, get all 11 different designs for $200. That’s like 3 free Space Rats. For those collectors wanting the completed series, figures numbered 1-20 will be available at the show as matching numbered sets.

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