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SUPER KIM the Leadershit Series continues... now up for pre-order!!!

After the Captain Trump announcement (made HERE) the folks over at STINGRAYZ are excited to launch their second figure in what they are calling the Leadershit Series... Super Kim!!! The Leadershit collection transformed the most iconic world leaders into a 4.5" troll figure wearing a super hero’s suit, mocking his/her “contribution” to the world. This time, we will have little rocket man in Superman’s suit.

He is laughing happily, holding a little rocket in his hand... but there is more than meets the eye as Super Kim’s left hand rotates so that you can easily change his pose; either carrying the little rocket on his shoulder or simply hugging it. The little rocket also has a hidden function, where if you press the button, the rocket's warhead will shoot out! Oh... and same as Captain Trump, when you press the button at the back of the figure, a shit will drop from his butt... hahaha! Super Kim is now available for pre-order HERE right now for $32 with free shipping. The bundle set of Captain Trump x Super Kim is also available at only $58 a pop with estimated shipping date set for Q4 of 2018!

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