Black Drove is locked and loaded for Five Points... are you ready?!?!

ATTENTION! If you are attending Five Points this weekend, booth #340 is a must! The folks over at Black Drove have amassed a huge talent pool of artists from around the globe, including: dontcryinthemorning, PNL Toy Works, A RARE FORM, A Colorful Monster, Boon Velvet, Fragile Darkness, Pla-man Hobby, BOGxSQD, Crawlah Club, Korda Takashi, Filth Bucket Toy Co., EnjoyTheLittleSSSS, Kagemaru Designs, PASO garbage, BlueMoonToy, Theo Cane, EPSW, Oeotoys, Kyle Harper, Eric Jacobus, Aliens Park, Sadismbrainman Toy, Huang Da Xian, Josh Decelles, and more! So yeah... super stacked... and they will have a ton of stuff up for grabs as well as some fun interactive goodness... like LIVE painting by VIDEOVOMIT, special guest appearance HARDCORE TOYS, Toy Lotteries, and more! Don't miss out!

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