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SUM creature revealed from PLASEEBO & PLANET-X!!!

Late last month, we shared a teaser HERE of the upcoming collaboration with PLANET-X and PLASEEBO... and now, we have the full reveal of the now released “SUM” creature! This massive beast is everything you would expect from a Plaseebo creation... ton of texture, creepy/weird vibes, it's perfect, and it made its debut at the MANDARAKE "Indy Sofubi Rally” this past Saturday, May 5th!
There is no official word on when this is slated for online sales, but if you follow Planet-X on Instagram, they will be the first to let you know. That being said, the figure is not only rad in regular lighting, but just like almost all of Plaseebo's other creations, this figure has a switch for an internal color-changing LED unit - so rad!

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