JANKY from Superplastic is now 750% funded... new toy colorway unlocked!

WOW! In just 24 hours, the folks over at Superplastic just obliterated their $25k goal by 750%... and if you aren't good at math (like me), that's almost $200k so far - and there is still 30 days to go! That being said, they just announced a new toy colorway that has unlocked... and it's a wonderful new colorway of Pete Fowlers MAXIMILLIAN CA$H vinyl figure... the "WEEKEND IN MALIBU" edition... so cool, and I dig this one better than the previously released one!
The previous “Fall Into Autumn" edition is sold out... so make way for this wonderful looking colorway! If you want the new version and are already a backer you can go HERE and upgrade your reward tier — or just add $75 to your pledge. Oh... and if you haven't back this project yet, do so HERE right now! More updates soon... get ready!

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