Graffiti and Kaiju... an awesome showing from Blacklist Toys for Five Points!!!

Mike from BLACKLIST TOYS just sent word on his super booth for Five Points... tons of amazing eye candy will be up for grabs via his booth #343! The concept of his booth is bringing 5points to the 5points Festival, and in doing that, the kaiju sofvi will be invading... Mike goes onto explain "What I mean by bringing 5points to 5points fest is, I have 7 NYC active graffiti artist all doing box trucks, along with sticker/slap packs and more graffiti collectibles. I have some of NYC's top graffiti artist doing collectibles for us. Also.... just like old kaiju classic movies, the kaiju monsters/creatures/beasts always ended up invading the cities and causing havoc, chaos, and destruction. So I came up with the idea that the kaiju (sofvi) will invade 5points/NYC and have the kaiju pieces spread throughout all the graffiti collectibles." A killer concept with tons of awesome figures from everyone included in the flyer above! Swing by booth #343 to see all the fantastic pieces up for grabs!

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