Ron English x Made By Monsters x The Compound - GANJA GRIN art toy released!

Legendary artist Ron English has teamed up once again with Compound, and Made by Monsters to release ‘Ganja Grin’; Compound’s version of Ron English’s ‘Shocking Sunflower’ and ‘Growing Grin’ sculptures. English’s twisted parody of SpongeBob SquarePants features an all-new marijuana sprouted stem. This limited release is available HERE right now on “National Weed Day”, Friday April 20th... a very clever/timely release

There are 3 STRAINS available "HazeBob"($650 and limited to 500 pieces) "Silver Kush"($650 and limited to 250 pieces) as well as "Pot Of Gold"($650 and limited to 250 pieces)! Each one stands 18" tall... massive (look at them in hand)... and is composed of mixed media, steel reinforced, vinyl, metal! What's better yet.... the ‘Ganja Grins’ have a special effect feature as they become a whole new “strain” under a black light - look at that thing glow!!! Don't delay on these, head on over HERE right now before these disappear in a puff of smoke!

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