Killer Bootleg's "Count Draco Knuckleduster" Pink Vinyl Action Figure!

Earlier this year, Killer Bootlegs and Gums Productions introduced the "Count Draco Knuckleduster" vinyl action figure. Starting out as part of Killer Bootlegs's resin cast 3¾-inch tall line, this design has transitioned to a glorious 5½-inch height with three points of articulation (shoulders and waist). A gorgeous re-creation of Killer Bootlegs's concept, the Jack Kirby-esque simplicity of the form is accented by the beautiful die-cut header card by tattoo artist Zack Shereck. Coming either today (April 10th, 2018) or tomorrow (April 11th, 2018) to Killer Bootlegs's online shop in the pictured unpainted pink edition. With all previous releases of this vinyl beast selling out quickly, we encourage those interested in following the Killer Bootlegs's Instagram to make sure you don't miss out!

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