Blink-182 x Tsurt x Karmieh Toy Design - Split Personality mascot designer toy revealed!

It's no secret that I have a working relationship with the folks over at Tsurt... and when new projects come up that involve designer toys, Chris (the main man in charge), always bounces ideas off of me... most recently, a few months back, he showed off a really cool sketch by artist Brandon Heart that revealed Blink-182's mascot Bunny figure in what they were calling the "Split Personality" - a cool concept that merged the mascot from yesteryear (right side) and the current one(left side)... a VERY cool concept.

Chris had asked who I recommended for professional quality 3D work and the first person that came to mind was Oasim of Karmieh Toy Design - who has been killing it with not only his own personal projects, but also on a ton of other designer toy related work - so that was a simple choice for me... and the rest is history.

Given the sketch, Oasim went to town on this. Packing in as much detail as possible while leaving the artists sketch still at the forefront, the new sculpt took shape and it looks really nice! You can see the initial color concepts as well as the first 3D print of the figure - and just by looking at the head in the palm of that hand, it's going to be a VERY nice size. Everything is still very up in the air, in terms of production and timeline, shoot... who knows if this will actually come to fruition as we all know how projects go... but regardless, it's rad to see and if there are updates, we will let you all know :-)

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