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“Urbex Deities” series by Rick Sans!

"Mankind has been known to discard, to forget, to abandon. Meanwhile nature reclaims, conquers and devours. What happens when nature fights back?" Welcome to Rick Sans new art world featuring custom and original resin series of designer art toys and artwork. Conceptually consisting of what would happen to abandoned structures if they were to be reborn by nature as magical kaiju... and we dig that, nature sure does have a way of forcing itself onto things when they are not welcome in the first place and Rick does a really great job exploring this concept!

The first two pieces: Skull Estate (custom 7” Munny) and Ravage Manor (custom 8” Dunny) are both available HERE (last we checked)... and each piece comes with a LED lighting system that has multiple colors to choose from... they even allow for constant rotating colors if desired. A number of other pieces will be released at the designer toy show “Toys from the Crypt” opening April, Friday the 13th at Thrift Crypt in Lakewood, Ohio.

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