The Evolution of William Sweetlove's Experimental Resin Art!

The use of synthetic resin to cast fine art sculptures is far from a new thing, the practice really taking rise in the '60s with cold cast bronze. And while the material was revolutionary at the time, most of the forms cast in it were of a more traditional aesthetic. And then you have someone like William Sweetlove, who began using synthetic resin in the early '70s to encase photographs and odd mementos, turning temporal works into potentially eternal ones. But in the '80s' Sweetlove began casting animal sculptures in synthetic resin, evolving into a direction that would refer to these pieces as "cloned" works and drawing attention to ecological concerns through his fantastical, dystopian Water Wars series. Really coming into his own artistically around the same time the designer toy movement was emerging, Sweetlove's career is a fascinating one that deserves a full-length book to properly delve into. But, in recognition of K.Olin tribu casting Sweetlove's above-pictured Marmot creations in extra white Limoges porcelain editions, I've done my best to provide an overview of this artist's career, the resulting article available to read now on CoART Magazine.

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