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Seatus the Sea Monster from Gruesome Toys on Kickstarter now!!!

Seatus the Sea Monster from Gruesome Toys has been a dream in the making for the last three years... and just launched on Kickstarter is the fruits of their labor... and is ready for all of YOU to help make this rad looking creature from concept to completion! From the Kickstarter page, "Nev and I, started our journey in the Sofubi world collecting Toho monsters. We were both fans of the Toho universe growing up, and naturally found a love for all things kaiju. Our love for kaiju led us into the world of art toys and Sofubi of all types. I (Brandon) had the privilege of living in Japan for almost 5 years, and was able to really see the ins and outs of the Sofubi world. I knew that I had to make this a reality. Nev and I had a similar mindset for what we wanted in a toy and so it was a natural occurrence that we partnered up and came up with Seatus."... and there is no better time then the present to help bring this project to reality!

Seatus stands in at 9" tall, featuring 4 points of articulation and a ton detail. Every pull is made in Japan out of the highest quality vinyl available... and right now HERE, there are a ton of tiers you can join in at to help get this funded... and at the $125 level you can get the first ALL BLACK Seatus sofubi.

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