Retroband's Dracula-inspired Vampire MEATS!

Using creamy grey soft vinyl castings of his 12-inch tall "MEATS" figure as a base, Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys has teased his legion of collectors with the word "DRACUMEATS". Implying an interpretation of Bram Stoker's famous vampire character on Moreno's terror-ific original form, we can confirm that the pictured resin cast bat head will be the hand accessory for this hand-painted limited edition. "Garments are currently being made and MEATS are currently being painted", Moreno announces, further stating that this "release is going to be loaded with rad gear and extras". Set to feature his hand-painted header cards as well, expect this edition to be no larger than 25 pieces but quite possibly as limited as only 10 copies made! Scheduled to be released in Moreno's online shop in the first week of April, make sure you follow Retroband's Instagram account for further updates.

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