I want your... Disenchanted Burning Skull, I need your...

Marcos Lorenzo of SomeStrangeThings is happy to share with us a brand new figure... the "Disenchanted Burning Skull" and the "Mini Disenchanted Burning Skull", both limited edition series. The Disenchanted Burning Skull and its mini version (exactly the same but scaled) are a very nice and colorful sculptures that explain the meaning of the skull tattoos that many of Marcos sculptures have tattooed on their arm and the Love Sucks slogan.

The Disenchanted Burning Skull (70x150x100mm 2.75×3.95×5.9 inches) and the mini version (50x110x70mm 1.95×4.35×2.75 inches) are limited series of 30 units each and every single one of them is homemade handcrafted resin that comes with a 3D printed base and are then painted with acrylics. This sculptures are a world wide release and are available HERE right now for 95€ and 50€. Deliveries are planned from first days of May 2018... and Marcos mentions that he will have some copies available at ToyConUK 2018.

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