Bless you, child... Pope Francis action figure from Mike Leavitt and FCTRY!!!

In 2018, we all need a little something to make us smile, so with the help of artist Mike Leavitt, the folks over at FCTRY shrunk down everyone's favorite activist Pope. Now you can bring Francis anywhere you please. Bless your home or workplace with an action figure that is sure to make everyone say, "Laudato si'!" Standing 6" tall, the Pope Francis Action Figure is a perfect size for all uses; whether you want to keep him on your desk for all to see or bring him out on adventures... that being said, you are going to want to shoot pictures of him, so the folks over at FCTRY designed the Pope Francis Action Figure with that in mind.
He has a picture perfect smile, posable arms, movable head, (7-points of articulation) and stands on any flat surface. Snag him up HERE for just $20 a pop... and while you are at it, check out all the other figures Mike designed for them in this 'Real Life Action Figure' line!

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