RxSeven's "World Eater" Available Now!

The always impressive art of RxSeven (aka SE7EN) enters a brand new year with his debut work of 2018: the above-pictured "World Eater". Wisely choosing the Greg "Craola" Simkins designed and 3DRetro produced "Stair Monsta" vinyl figure as a base, the form itself plays perfectly into RxSeven's tendency towards using masks on his one-of-a-kind works, as the original figure included a "stuffed bunny" mask. Completely transforming that element into his signature style, RxSeven's entire uniquely hand-painted rendition is truly beautiful, a colorful ooze adorning the piece's roughly 10-inch tall body (as well as its eyes). Available now for one quick clicking collector to acquire, hurry over to RxSeven's online shop to secure this piece before it disappears.

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