Mothership Toy Gallery presents: "LYSISTRATA" - Highlighting the Power of Women!

The ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata (Lis-is-strata) tells a comedic tale of a city spiraling downward in immoral, diplomatic, and social fronts due to the mismanagement and ill behavior of the men who run the city. The women have had enough and take it upon themselves to right the wrongs and point their city in the right direction using means that men can understand. Act like children and be punished as such. By abstaining from pleasures of the flesh the women are able to bend the men’s will to make the right decisions for their forsaken town and bring things back to order.

Comical how juvenile the terms that cause great change, even more highlighting the intelligence and power of women. Really shines a light to the unfair treatment and social view of the arguably greater sex of humanity. This seemed like such a great premise behind a show highlighting all that women are doing in the designer toy scene and art in general... and Mothership Toy Gallery is excited to host a talented group of so many fabulous artists... female artists!

"Lysistrata" at Mothership Toy Gallery opens this Saturday, February 24th and hopes to give just a small glimpse into the incredibly telling and meaningful art that female toy customizers, sculptors, painters, illustrators and crafts women that populate our growing scene. They’ve gathered some really amazing artists like Horrible Adorables, Jenn Bot, Yoii, 64 Colors, as representatives for a voice that needs to be heard more often. Opening reception: Saturday Feb 24th 6pm-10pm • Online Sales open 7pm!

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