MJ Hsu's "Ellie, the Jellyfish Princess" Coming Soon!

Meet "Ellie, the Jellyfish Princess", a creative take on the mermaid myth that places her lady-like upper torso atop a jellyfish form, it's bulbous base becoming a flowing skirt with tendril legs emerging from underneath. The creation of Taiwanese-American artist Mei-Jean Hsu, known under her abbreviated name of MJ Hsu, this concept debuted at UVD Toys's DesignerCon booth last year. And now it seems nearly ready to be launched as a Kickstarter campaign! Digitally sculpted by Oasim Karmieh with the above-pictured teaser having been hand-painted by Hsu herself, make sure you follow the artist on Instagram and UVD on Kickstarter for early bird announcements of their campaign for this magnificent looking piece launching.

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