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James Groman's "The Deadly Spawn" Will Hopefully Crash Land Soon…

Back in 1983, the world was introduced to The Deadly Spawn. A cult classic, this film follows a crash-landed alien who finds refuge in a house's basement, eating those unlucky enough to venture near it, as it grows to monstrous proportions. And now James Groman, known for his work on the original "Madballs" line as well as his recent "King Korpse" creation, reveals he's been sculpting a rendition of the film's titular creature to be produced in vinyl by former Mondo creative director Justin Ishmael's ISH brand. Groman's rendition, teased below, appears to perfectly capture all the tentacles, claws, and chomping teeth that this beastie is known for! Officially licensed, we can't wait to see the full reveal and will certainly keep you informed when more information becomes available.

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