Fools Paradise Interprets Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman as "Three King" Figures!

Back when Fools Paradise did a devilishly good interpretation of Michael Jordan wearing his Chicago Bulls #23 jersey, under the "Three King" series title, I hypothesized that the other two kings would be either Kobe Bryant & LeBron James or Magic Johnson & Larry Bird. For some strange reason, the so-called "Magic Trio" that dominated for the Bulls in 1996 to 1998: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. Well, those are the other two kings! Titled properly "Three King: Three Three" (Pippen) and "Three King: Nine One" (Rodman), after their jersey numbers, these roughly 1/6th scale figures are massive, stylized testaments to a trio of brilliant NBA players! Based on the previous figure in the series, these will be made from soft vinyl and PVC, featuring six basketball accessories and two interchangeable heads — one with horns and one without, both featuring ball-joint articulation! The original "Three King: Two Three" piece was limited to a maximum of 399 pieces, all made to order, for $249 apiece, and we suspect these two will be the same when made available to pre-order on February 9th, 2018 on the Fools Paradise website

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