Bwana Spoons's Fungal Friend & Two-Headed Turtle Sofubi Figures Kickstarter!

Back in 2014, Bwana Spoons launched Gravy Toys with a Kickstarter for his then-new "Suns Of Brodarr" character series, and since then he's evolved the line into a true beast of a good time. But now he's ready to take things to the next level, making a figure with more moving parts as well as a larger-scale transport creature, and he's back on Kickstarter to make it happen! Known as the "Gravy Toys Mega Load", this crowd-funding campaign introduces a really fun guy, "Malba" the "Suns Of Brodarr" fungi figure! But even more impressive looking is "Krackle & Klong", a two-headed turtle that can house a "Suns Of Brodarr" character in it's volcano shell back. Yea, it's kinda like the first "Suns Of Brodarr" vehicle! Available now through this Kickstarter campaign, there's a variety of fun rewards and all done at Bwana's typically reasonable prices!

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