Valentine's Day for the Black Bats & Skulls crowd: Amanda Louise Spayd's "Gothic Romance"!

"I realize that Valentine's Day is coming up and that usually means pink hearts and flowers", proclaims Amanda Louise Spayd, "but this time it's going to mean black bats and skulls". Referring to her own Gothic Romance online sale, this will come as wonderful news for Spayd's fans, with an assortment of both originals and hand-painted resins in the offering. As teasers for Gothic Romance, Spayd has revealed two of her roughly 9-inch tall handmade plush pieces, which are typically imbued with a scented additive and decked out with custom accessories to accentuate their individual personalities, as well as a pair of hand-painted Edisons (below left). But this is far from the extent of the offerings, as more pieces are promised to be available when event occurs on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 at 12pm Pacific time in Louise's online shop.

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