TOUMA × Mighty Jaxx's "Neun Schwanz Fuchs" Figure!

Pictured is renowned Japanese artist TOUMA's interpretation of the fabled nine-tailed fox from Asian legends, like the Chinese Huli jing and Japan's Kyūbi no Kitsune. Titled here "Neun Schwanz Fuchs", which is German for "Nine-Tailed Fox", this beast with its pointed ears, sinister sneer, and oversized paws might appear menacing but is actually meant to embody a good spirit, one which brings auspiciousness, protection, and peace. Standing roughly 8½-inches tall, this vinyl form has its tails arranged in the likeness of a traditional Japanese braid called kumihimo, which is a strangely similar word to the Korean term for a nine-tailed fox, kumiho! Available on Decemeber 30th, 2017 at 7am Pacific time in producer Mighty Jaxx's online shop, these will be $99 apiece while supplies last.

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