SomeStrangeThings releases his new SPHYNX "Maneki Neko" edition!

Marcos Lorenzo of SomeStrangeThings has some great news about a new toy release, SPHYNX Limited Edition: his own Maneki Neko version, a very badass cat full of tattoos, piercings, studs and other stuff... all in the typical SomeStrangeThing’s style. It’s just a punk diabolic sphynx cat saying hi to the world.
SPHYNX is the best company for punk goth girl... always ready to eat stupid souls with it’s big fangs and diabolic tongue; always visible in the dark with its red fire eyes; always free of blood spots and so with it’s metallic matte paint; and of course plenty of accessories like it’s ouija pointer, perfect to talk with other people. SPHYNX is a resin figure that is limited to 30 units measuring 5.9" tall, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques and various attached rivets (plastic / metal) studs and spikes. Retailing HERE for 150€($177), this pre-order will ship in March of 2018!

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