InstincToy's King Korpse Custom Project for Tokyo Comic Con!

For their Tokyo Comic Con booth, InstincToy have assembled a special custom art auction featuring one-of-a-kind "King Korpse" vinyl figures. And not only is this James Groman's 12-inch tall beautiful collaborative design with the brand, but this is the new fierce, snarling version with the skeletal lady accessory! Featuring pieces by Kennyswork (Kenny Wong), Pucky, Marvix, Kenth Toy Works, P@inter Net (Toshihiko Ito), Remjie Malham, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Candie Bolton, InstincToy's Hiroto Ohkubo, Black Seed (Kenneth Tang), and Josh Mayhem! All revealed below, these works will be displayed throughout the Tokyo Comic Con with bidding taking place in-person all weekend until 3pm local time on December 3rd, 2017. For those able to attend, bidding will start at ¥10000 apiece with increasing bid increments of ¥1000 minimum.

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