Kronk × Kidrobot - "Traditional Christmas Pudding" Xmas Dunny revealed!

Teased HERE a few months ago, we are excited to reveal the production images of the new Kidrobot Holiday themed Dunny... the X-Mas Pudding Dunny designed by Kronk! If you aren't familiar with the British tradition, Christmas pudding is a classic plum-based part of a household's Xmas dinner, which is served reheated and dressed with warm brandy that is set alight. And this concept is the heart of this year's Holiday Dunny from Kidrobot, titled "Traditional Christmas Pudding"! With the body of this 3-inch tall Dunny decorated to mimic the look of the pudding, its ears are formed by sprigs of holly and its eyes are rosy red berries, but the best part is the whitish ooze atop it; this is the "skin", which formed in common bag-boiling manufacturing method, and it beautifully forms a skull-like appearance, a la the poisoned apple from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Coming with a brandy bottle accessory, the back side of the head has "GET LIT" scrawled into, playing on the phrase to imply not only setting the pudding aflame but also imbibing a bit more than one should for the holidays. Limited to an edition of 1000 copies, these should be available next month (November, 2017) and will cost $14.99 apiece. Images and information from Strangecat Toys, who have this figure listed HERE... happy holidays!

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