InstincToy × Kenny Wong's "Erosion Molly (Christmas 2017 Edition)" for DCon!

Hiroto Ohkubo of Instinctoy has announced the pieces he'll be bringing to DesignerCon, including the debut of the newest version of his "Erosion Molly" collaboration with Kenny Wong: "Christmas 2017"! Decorated in red with white trim signifying the holiday, this Xmas version will be joined by two new blank versions as well, "Pink" and "G.I.D. Blue" renditions. But to make sure the U.S. fans actually have first chance, half of the stock they are beinging will be pre-sold by advance lottery system available only to U.S. residents, with the remaining pieces being sold by in-person lottery on the second day of the convention! To learn how to apply, as well as see the entire list of goodies, head over HERE and make sure you submit your pre-sale lottery choices before end-of-day on November 1st, 2017!

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