Ron English mocks the Big Breakfast Business with his "Cereal Killers Mini Figures"!

While we're still awaiting the Ron English's glorious "Popaganda Carousel Critters" to be released, similarly sized renditions of the artist's "Cereal Killers" series have been announced in roughly 3-inch tall form! These "Cereal Killers Mini Figures" are perfect parodies of some of the most famous breakfast mascots ever to grace the outside of cereal boxes. English's renditions include Cap'n Cornstarch, Fat Tony, Yucky Children Charmer, Sugar Smack, Franken Fat, Count Calorie, Tricky the Obese Rabbit, Two-Ton Sam, the Obesie O's three-in-one (Smack, Crack & Pot), Coco Puffed Paunch, Sugar Diabetic Bear, and Qhrist, each of the twelve characters coming in a box based on their fictional cereal brand! Expected to ship in late October or November of this year, retailers are currently accepting pre-orders on these sure-to-be-hot pieces, each single box costing $9.99 and a full set of the 12 running $119.88.

[Images and information courtesy of myplasticheart.]

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