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ThreeA Announces That Worlds Will Collide With "DR3AD REFLEX"!

The above teaser reveals the "Tomorrow Tomb Diver Interlopers" — Shogun Hana, TK Furutsu, and Baka Tsuri — whose addition to Ashley Wood's threeA released lines might be a huge landmark. Set to be released as a three-pack titled "DR3AD REFLEX PRELUDE", their backstory is that they "will slay a sleeping Piccolo Metal God Bot, resulting in time and space twisting, merging, opening into a singular conjoined pocket realm." Announced as part of the company's 10th year of making works, this release warns that "Worlds will collide" and "Let's Destroy Together", leading us to suspect that this "DR3AD REFLEX" event will be a rewriting of the 3A worlds we've come to know. With this roughly 12-inch tall, 1/6th scale trio being the first part of whatever "DR3AD REFLEX" is, we hope to find out more when they appear exclusively in the BambalandStore.com on July 14th, 2017 for their 48-hour preorder window!

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