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*REVIEW* Kidrobot's "Powdered Toast Man" vinyl figure!!!

"Quick, man! Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!" Honestly, who says such a thing?!?! Well... none other then the only superhero that faces backwards when he flies, POWDERED TOAST MAN, and thanks to Kidrobot, he has been brought to life in vinyl form! We got our hands on this rad figure before he is set to release and gave him a spin (literally) around... and seeing as we are big fans of the Ren and Stimpy show, this figure brought back a ton of fond memories watching the show... and we hop Kidrobot has other figure planned, because PTM is awesome!

Standing over 8" tall and coming in a window ox adorned with cartoon artwork, Powdered Toast Man is proud and erect, posing with one hand clentched into a fist and resting on his hip and the other arm and hand reaching out as if he were accessing the situation and saying "leave everything to me"! The figure has no articulation but is the perfect balance of collectible and fun... and even though there really is no playability, he's so playful... if that's makes any sense at all.

"Who is this stranger from another land? Why does he walk among mortal men? What is his mission? Where can we get a pair of undershorts like his? Who is this man of toast?!" What makes this figure really cool is the different paint applications as well as the materials used to create him. Themajority of the figure appears to be cast in vinyl, where the feet/booth and hands/forearms appear to be cast in clear blue pvc that's bee embedded with a fine silver glitter... giving this portion a really cool effect. The head and underwear also appear to have been "powdered" with some glitter as well to give them the appearance of the glistening magical superhero that he is. Oh, and the sculpted face with such an fantastic expression... yeah, we are impressed with the paint and quality on this!

Set to release from Kidrobot and other designer toy retail locations on Friday, July 7th, these will retail for $50 a pop... and is worth every bit of that, he's awesome... nay, he's "TOAST-A-RIFIC!" and we totally recommend you all pick one up... and be on the lookout for the previously announced SDCC "Wheat" version! Oh, and bug Kidrobot to make other figures as we need both Ren and Stimpy... as well as Log!

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