JUBI × Unbox Industries's "The Gigantic Crab Kaiju - Violence Version"!

Taiwanese graphic designer JUBI's "The Gigantic Crab Kaiju" is truly stunningly large, standing about 8-inches tall at the tips of his eyestalks and 10-inches wide when his clawed arms are outstretched. Produced in soft vinyl by Unbox Industries, this new "Violence Vers." is limited to only 10 pieces that come in special foam packaging reminiscent of how seafood would be delivered! A lovely touch to be sure, but with so few available to be purchased that means the artist must do a free-to-enter lottery, randomly drawn winners being allowed to purchase one of these $180 (+ shipping) pieces. To enter, send the following information to jubiyangart [at] gmail [dot] com before July 11th, 2017 at 9am Pacific time: Name, Country, Address, Phone, Email, Birthday, Facebook ID, Instagram ID, and Paypal account.

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