Doktor A. x Kidrobot - First look at the new "Talking Board" 5-inch Dunny!!!

Back in September of 2015, Victorian aesthetic inspired artist Doktor A handmade four "Talking Board" Dunny pieces (posted HERE), which were astounding... and evidently we're not the only ones who thought so, as Kidrobot geared up to produce the design as a new 5-inch tall Dunny release! We have been seeing the vector artwork for this figure... up until now! Check this beauty out, it looks amazing!!! "Do you need to contact those who have passed into the aether? Pressing questions need answering? Legal documents need clarifying? Words of comfort r reconciliation longed for? Then purchase the latest in Talking Board Spirit Communicators from the S. Hain Company. Easily talk with those who have moved into the great steam cloud via this modern mechanical miracle. Easy to use. Easy to clean. And polite around the house."... do you dare test fate?!?!
Production 5" Dunny (front and back)
Vector artwork of the Dunny design and box art
Depicting a ouija board, or "Spirit Divination & Communication Engine", on the face of a box-headed Dunny... and yes, these will include the planchette accessory and the key in the backside will wind up... just like the original. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide, these fantastic looking pieces will be available August 26th of 2017 for $39.99 apiece... seal your fate by getting yours today by pre-ordering from any major designer toy retailer around the world!

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