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David Stevenson x Corner12 - "The Reaper 12" custom Dunny series announced!

David Stevenson has teamed up with the folks over at Corner12 for... you guessed it, a special release of 12 custom Dunny's - "The Reaper 12"! "As mother nature grew weary with the destruction of the Earth by humans, she decided it was time to take the planet back, and by force. The reapers are manifested from all kinds of nature and are here to remove humankind before its too late for the planet!" This series of 3" custom Dunny's feature the: Havoc Reaper, Smog Reaper, Snow Reaper, Death Reaper(x3), Pollution Reaper(x3), Light Reaper(x3) - all are intricately hand painted and are set to release HERE this Friday, July 28th at 12:12pm PST - don't miss out!

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