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"Dark Goliath" Krawluss & Mixed Parts Heads/Weapons release from Skinner!!!

Whoahhh... get ready for an epic release from Skinner as he has loaded up his webstore for a rad release taking place this Friday, July 7th! This is a release to make Krawluss available to more people... hence, the unpainted beauty known as "Dark Goliath"! Skinner mentions "I do one offs and they're super expensive, and very few people can afford them. This is an attempt to make it accessible to collectors. If I paint these I will have to make the price insane because it takes forever!" So releasing for $225 a pop and coming bagged with a custom header, you will have a crack at this 14" tall sofubi figure! Torn hulk trouser purple... gotta love it! Krawluss is a collab with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Available HERE on Friday, July 7th at 12noon!

Ohhhh... and there is more! Looking to score some affordable mixed color pieces?!?! Well, Skinner is also set to release this bagged and tagged mixed parts Heads/Weapons grab bag of goodness! Featuring "Morgogg" and "Ogos" heads with a random weapon... you don't know what you will get, and that's what's rad... and you know what else is rad, the $30 price tag - AWESOME! Don't miss out on both of these great releases... all can be found HERE!

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